Agra Red Sandstone

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Palisades: 100x25 cm with 10 cm thickness
Circle stone: 3 Tiles: 30 x 30; 60 x 30; 60 x 60 with 1.5-2.5 cm thickness
meter with 4 cm thickness
Cobbles: 10x10 cm with 6 cm thickness
Crazy: 30x25 cm; 60x60 cm with 2.5-3.5 cm thickness
Pool stone: 100x35 cm with 3 cm thickness
Coping stone: 100x35 cm with 3 cm thickness
Step stone: 30 cm diameter with 3 cm thickness
Wall stone: 70x60 cm with 17 cm thickness
Kerb stone: 100x18 cm with 4-6 cm thickness
Pool stone: 100x35 cm with 4 cm thickness
Coping stone: 100x35 cm with 4 cm thickness
Riser: 150x17 cm with 2 cm thickness
Wall cover: 150x35 cm with 3 cm thickness
Block stone: 100x35 cm with 14-16 cm thickness
Rock face stone: 100x25 cm with 4 cm thickness
Striking stone: 50x7 cm with 1.2 cm thickness

Sandstone Finishes

Natural, sandblasted, bush hammered, honed and framed

Edge Finish

Machine, random and hand cut edges

Minimum Order Quantity

*All mentioned-above stone types can also be availed in customized sizes.

Product Description:

Popularly known as Dholpur Red Sandstone, Agra Red sandstone is red in color, which is due to the existence of iron oxides near the bedding locations. Since the quarries of this sandstone enjoy proximity to the city of Agra, it is therefore called as Agra Red.
This sandstone hasn’t shown any weathering effects since ages as suggested by the present condition of famous historic monuments and temples, including Agra Fort and Delhi’s Red Fort, wherein Agra sandstone was profusely used in the construction. Soft and smooth in texture, this sandstone can be easily cut and carved for a variety of construction purposes.
Its impressive properties, such as toughness, durability, and resistance towards environmental weathering, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali along with its widespread availability, make Agra Red sandstone a popular material for building construction, and making decorative structures and artifacts. Agra Red’s currently finds huge applications in roofing, paving, flooring, paneling projects as well in the construction of beams, doors, pillars and window sills.
Regatta Universal Exports, a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of Agra Red sandstone, offers this highly responsive sandstone in finishes like rubbed, polished, sandblasted and honed. In the form of slabs, blocks or tiles, Regatta also offers its customers the option to customize the size and thickness of Agra Red sandstone.


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