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Antique Cobbles is a round shaped, hard and all purpose décor stone found in Indian quarries. The stone requires quality polish on the surface to shine. This Indian natural stone has a vibrant look that adds glamour to the flooring when used in paving, pathways or garden.


  • Available in round shape
  • All sizes
  • Variant colours
  • Many quarries in India

Features of Antique Cobbles:

  • Cost effective
  • Unique
  • Best use in pathways and garden
  • Offers Classic and fascinating look
  • Eco friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Long lasting
  • Requires low maintenance

Applying Cobbles in landscape, garden, pathways or in parking lot offer a different appearance to the place. The stone equips a contemporary as well as a traditional look. Thus, whether it is pathways or paving of a landscape or garden, the surface or floor looks clean, stylish and well-organized. Furthermore, the stone has high resistance against extreme cold and warm weather. Cobbles vary with pebbles and boulders; however, Antique Cobbles can be mixed with other cobbles for creating different designs and themes on garden or pathways.

Advanced technologies blessed manufacturing units with better machines and tools. Antique Cobbles can be cut to any size for creating new designs and patterns. Regatta Universal Exports, the leading exporter of Antique Cobbles and Indian natural stones manufactures premium quality Cobbles and provide it to the customers at competitive prices.

The supplier of Antique Cobbles in India is backed with years of experience and experts that manufacture all sized, all shaped, all coloured, and rich toned cobbles according to the customers’ specifications and business requirements in India.

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