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Mosaic pattern of flooring is gaining a great momentum in recent days as it is both an easy method and also economical to be laid. Mosaic pattern of decorating floors and walls usually incorporates the usage of small and regular pieces of stones, tiles or shell set closely to an adhesive background. Mosaic flooring can add a heavenly look and gesture to a residence or a business.

These are widely used in kitchen and bathroom as wall tiles for providing a luxurious and stylish look. Most of these tiny stones used for creating Indian Mosaic pattern are incurred from natural stones such as limestone, slate, sandstone and marble. Owing to rough edges and natural rough texture, the North Indian Mosaic Tiles provide an excellent anti-slip grip in bathrooms and pavements.

Widely used and known patterns in Mosaic tiles

  • Silver shine herringbone pattern
  • Fossil mint tumbled pattern
  • Hexagon shaped

It is in customers’ hands to select and apply the best flooring design for residential and commercial purposes.

These designs / patterns when laid on the centre of the floor, walls or the countertops, it delivers an eye catching look in the arena. Indian Mosaic patterns can also be used to draw margins to laid tiled or marbled floor to give a contrast touch. These also create an excellent outdoor pavement pattern if laid on the centre of the pavements using contrasting colours and stone materials.

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