It is a great idea to stay close to nature and worldwide usage of natural stones like sandstone, granite and marble in the construction and architectural designing projects let this happen. However, reasons of its use in the construction sector are many that serve some other purposes as well. On one hand, properties of natural stones like strength, durability, non-water absorbance, resistance to harsh weather conditions, acids and alkalies, and anti-skid nature makes it an ideal construction material, while on the other hand, its occurrence in various eye-pleasing shades and patterns are responsible to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any surrounding.

Not just in the forms of flooring tiles, pavement stones, steps, risers, wall cladding and countertops, but natural stones also add beauty to both interior and exterior decor by being used as a base material to create an array of articles and artifacts. As a decorative material, it is widely used to build statutes, fountains, pots, planters, benches and ornamental pieces.

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